Blast from Morrisville High School’s Past

Blast from Morrisville High School’s Past

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1967 Fashion Forecast by Cari Busch

Raise the flag: The mini-skirt is being lowered. After reaching an all-time high, hemlines are finally coming down. The Paris designers (fashion pacesetters of the world) are setting hemlines just above the knee for their spring showings.

However, this doesn’t mean that short-short skirts are out of the picture completely. For sports and country wear, kilts and culottes remain quite high.

Accessories are more important this year than ever before. Gloves with cutouts, bows, buckles, and buttons are high on the fashion list. Shoes have squared-off toes and small, chunky heels. Handbags are unusual shapes with long straps and plenty of trim. With all of those complex accessories, clothes are turning to solid, often bright shades, and easy, flowing lines. Whatever you find that isn’t solid will be either stripes, tattersall checks, or fairly large floral prints. Well, that’s the general outlook for 1967. What do you think?

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