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What follows is an entry in a Hessian dairy, made by one of the Jagers on the day they arrived in Trenton.

“We marched to Trenton and joined our two regiments of Rall and Knyphausen, in order to take up a sort of winter quarters here, which are wretched enough.  This town consists of about one hundred houses, of which many are mean and little, and it is easy to conceive how ill it must accommodate three regiments.  The inhabitants like those at Princeton are almost all fled, so that we occupy bare walls.  The Delaware, which is here extremely rapid, and in general about two ells deep (90 inches), separates us and the rebels.  We are obliged to be on constantly on our guard, and to do very sever duty, though our people begin to grow ragged, and out baggage is left at New York.  Notwithstanding, we have marched across the extremely fine province of New Jersey, which may justly be called the garden of American , yet it is by no means freed from the enemy, and insecure both in flan and rear.  The Brigade has incontestably suffered the most of any, and we now lie at the advanced point, that as soon as the Delaware freezes we may march over and attack Philadelphia which is about thirty miles distance.”

Q: 1.What is a Jager?

2. What town mentioned with “about one hundred houses?

3. Explain the word “mean.”

4. Who are the rebels of which he spoke and name their commander?

5. Who was Rall and what happened to him?