“The Crossing”

“The Crossing”

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Excerpts from the book The Crossing, by Howard Fast

Chapter 14

     It pressed upon him hotly.  Sunday afternoon on the eighth of December, he lay down for a little while in the bedroom at the Barclay house, and his servants tried to protect him.  He was still in the cloths he had crossed the river with; but a messenger came, and young Hamilton, his aide, agreed that he must be awakened. 

     The messenger told Washington that General Howe’s army had just entered Trenton-ten miles away-but was making no preparation to stay.  Six, ten, fifteen thousand of them.  The messenger was a spy or a patriot or an observer or a man out to make a dollar. Had he also informed the British that Washington was across the river?  And with how many men?


1.       Where is the Barclay house located today?

2.       What is it called today?

3.       What significant thing on happened in Morrisville on December 8th, 1776?

4.       Who was the Bullet Stopper? See next instalment for answer 4.